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Mt. Albert scale stripwood is produced from the highest quality basswood available. Cut to consistent dimensions, with a tolerance of +/- .003" (less than the thickness of a sheet of paper) this material is ideally suited for all types of scratch building projects.

Our method of cutting basswood produces clean, fuzz-free wood strips that are ready to use. We use the finest raw materials available, free of knots and discoloration.

These S scale, 2"x8" strips are sold in a package of 6, 16" (406 mm) long pieces.

Each strip is 85 S scale feet long (25.9 S scale meters). This package contains 512 S scale feet of material (156.1 S scale meters).

ST-S-2x8-16 - 2x8 Basswood Strip (S)

SKU: ST-S-2x8-16
$3.30 Regular Price
$2.83Sale Price
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