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Create the world you imagine...

Many years ago as a child my grandfather took me to a store not far from where I grew up and I was in awe. This was the first time I stepped into Borodino Scale Line and saw the vast collection of scratch building supplies. Growing up I throughly enjoyed trains and farm layouts and spent many hours building my ever evolving layouts.

​In the fall of 2018 after seeing store closing signs at the Syracuse Train Fair, we approached Martin Collard of Borodino Scale Line about purchasing his business. We hated the idea that another hobby shop would be closing and Martin felt the same but as life goes on he decided it was time for him to retire from the store and enjoy retired life. 

L&S Crossing was established in 2019 in order to offer modelers a place to shop for their supplies. ​We strive to offer personal customer service, attention to detail and unique product selection. 

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