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Brick Coping is a common cap for Brick, Concrete Block and Stone walls. 

- The 1/8" version of Brick Coping is a perfect width to fit all of our 1/8" Brick, Stone and Concrete Block Sheets.

- The 3/16" version of Brick Coping is a little wider, made to fit walls using our 1/8" sheets backed with our 1/32" sheets.



- 4 Pieces of Brick Coping

- Each measures 5.75"

- Almost 2 feet of Coping


Basic Instructions:

Simply cut to size. Corners can be cut at 45 degree angles. Once cut to size, apply glue to the bottom of the Coping piece and glue it to the top of the wall.


Paint at the same time you would paint the brick walls, with the same painting technique.


Comes unpainted.

BCOP18H - 1/8" Brick Coping (HO)

$9.99 Regular Price
$4.27Sale Price
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